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What Does Daisy Have To Do With You Making Massive Bucks?

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This is my Dog Daisy Doodle Bear…and she is the secret to you making massive moolah in your online business.  Really…I kid you not!


You see my dog spends a ton to time sleeping, but she is also extremely intelligent and strong, and she goes balls to the walls when it comes to doing her job of running off cougars, bears, wolves, and packs of coyotes that are hell bent on getting their food source from my place up here on the mountain.


Oh…and she runs off pesky, nosey neighbors that seem to want to criticize everything that I do, including how I make my money online.


So what’s her secret?


She works smarter…not harder!


She will sleep until she catches a faint scent or sound of a big predator or neighbor, and then…boy howdy…does she ever go ballistic in her efforts to protect myself, herself, and our home!


This is a lot of the way that I make money online.  Most days it takes me about an hour of daily tasks, including running paid traffic, making a new video, and writing an email, to generate decent results in my online affiliate marketing business.


Then there are other times, less often, that I will eat, breathe, and sleep a new project, for about a week, in my online business…such as the webinar that I have coming up here soon.


Once this is done…up and running…including automating it so that it plays on a clickable link…then it is back to just that hour a day of daily online tasks.  That is of course until the next big marketing project comes into play.


So you wanna run with the big boys and make that massive online moolah…right?


Well, in all honesty, there will be times when you go balls to the walls in projects, and then spend the majority of the rest of your time on short daily tasks that bring in the steady sales and leads in your online business.


This is what having a successful online business is all about.  It’s about making sure that your potential customers, and current customers are never bored with what you have to offer,  Because really…everybody loves to see and experience new things…and that includes what you are offering in your online business!


Daisy is now looking at me…not at all impressed that I am using her as my example today…but that’s ok because to me she is a beautiful example.


So…take it from my dog…Daisy Doodle Bear…you CAN land a sweet income from doing what is easy and fun. 




After all, Daisy lives for a good fight with big predators every day…because she never loses…and she always comes away with even more experience, looking like a total BADASS!!!


Lol…yes…I aspire to be more like her every day.  🙂


Until next time…

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