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You know what really grinds my gears?

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You know what really grinds my gears? 


When people feel stuck in life, and refuse to do anything different to change what they are creating.  NO…instead we tend to just put up with a life that we hate, without even trying to create something better!


Why does this bother me so much?  Probably because I wasted 32 years of my life doing this!


My routine when the boys were little was always…


…get them up, fed, and ready, get one or more off to school, clean the house, sit down and watch them play, prepare lunch, lay the boys down for a nap, worry about how my welfare check wasn’t going to cover the bills and try to figure out a way to make a side income, watch the boys as they played the afternoon away, prepare supper, give the boys a bath and help them with homework, watch a little TV with them, put them to bed for the night…and worry about the unpaid bills until I drifted off to sleep.


That routine would be broken up for short periods of time when I had a job…or was going back to college for my bachelors degree…but the pattern of always worrying about someone hurting my kids, and never having enough money to cover all the bills still remained the same…  


…and to think…I wasted 32 years of my life being stuck using only two gears in my ability to create…when I could have been using all 10…sheeesh!


By the time I turned 40 I was sick of going slow, so I upped my game and began the slow process of teaching my mind to stop creating at that slow controllable employee rate…to going full-steam ahead at an entrepreneurs rate.


It felt so good that once I got the hang of it…I never looked back!


It took me 5 times of failing at having a successful online business…but once I got the right online business opportunity…again…I never looked back.  It’s all been forward moving energy since then, and it feels so good to be in control of my own destiny!


So…are you ready to use all ten gears in your ability to create…or do you like going slow and only using 2 gears?




I’m being truthful when I say that if I would have had the online marketing business opportunity that I have now, I would not have failed miserably five times.  But then on the other hand…I would not have learned all that I did from my failures, and I would not have the commitment that I do now to my online business.


Don’t let this amazing gift of an opportunity slip away into oblivion…like I did for 32 years.




Because time is precious, and making the moolah in the RIGHT online business gives you much more time to play and make tons of good memories.


Until next time…

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