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Smashing Someones Face In

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Have you ever gotten so mad that you could literally smash someone’s face in?  Awe hell, I have! 


It’s usually when someone is hell bent on disrespecting who I am as a person, and trying to hurt myself, or someone I love.  


I’m a Taurus sign, and boy howdy, it’s never a good thing when all I can see is the color red…or I black out.


Last time that happened a man tried to kill me…and I won the fight.


Yes I know…it’s no very Christian-like, or lady-like…but I’m not religious, and I act like a lady until I’m being threatened like a man.


Sometimes when it comes toour online businesses and creating what we want in them, we get so angry and frustrated with our lack of know-how, that we take it out on ourselves, pulverizing our self-esteem in the process.


This never ends well, and it usually makes it even harder for us to create abundance in our online businesses, setting us back even further.


So why waste your time in doing something that not only hurts you…but also causes you to lose money and time?  It really does not make any real logical or loving sense.


What I do when I get frustrated with the tech side of my online business is…take a break to go do something fun…and then afterwards come back to my online business with a fresh mind and a better sense of happiness.


This tends to work miracles on removing mental blocks that keep me from figuring things out, caused by frustration and anger.


I know that even getting frustrated with my personal life tends to bleed over into me being able to focus on my online business…so when I am having a difficult day in my personal life…I give myself time to work through and clear whatever difficult emotion comes up, before I try to do anything in my online business.


Everybody talks about being kind  with others…but kindness starts with one’s ability to be kind and patient with themselves.  You will find that if you are able to be kind and patient with yourself that it will have a positive effect on your online businesses ability to bring in more of that green stuff that you are wanting so much.

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