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Hot Wings & Hot Girls!

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So you gotta admit, that hot wings and hot girls well…er…ummm…they have a tendency to turn a man’s head. Especially if he is watching a game. I know…I know…that’s not really fair to us ladies, especially if we’re the ones in the kitchen making those hot wings, and we are not in our early twenties with hot bods. 


I get it…regardless…what is the one thing that can turn both a man or a woman’s head?


I betcha you would say winning the lottery, or maybe getting an unexpected inheritance from out of the blue. So if you look at those two things what do they have in common?


Easy Muney!


With muney comes less stress and more time, and with more time we think that we could, and would, create happiness…right?


I know that you saw the word “muney” right away…but did you give that first word of “easy” much attention?


You see when we get right down to the bottom of things, the #1 selling point for anything is that it is EASY to do…EASY to use…it makes life…well…EASIER!


Did you ever consider why it is that we always want everything to be easy?


The true answer to that is that we think that EASY equals HAPPINESS…which my friend…is NOT the truth!


Which do you value more, a man or woman that is easy…or a man or woman that has high standards that you must meet before interacting with them?  Do you recklessly spend muney that you worked hard to get, or do you think more about spending it more wisely on things you really desire and need?  Are you more proud of coming in 5th place in a contest, or 1st place…and why?


The REAL hard-hitting truth is that things that come easy do NOT necessarily make us happy…we just think that it does, because we are so afraid of getting outside of our comfort zones, to go for what we REALLY WANT!


So why is it then do we hate our lives when we struggle to be successful in our online businesses? Aren’t you learning a ton of new things?  Aren’t you seeing what works and what doesn’t work and adjusting your course?


If you’re not…well then…boy howdy…there’s your problem pilgrim!


You see, the secret to happiness begins with gratefulness, and gratefulness leads to a willingness to learn new things, and learning new things leads to the desire to change…and WAHLAH…there you have it!  The secret to happiness…what is it?


Happiness EQUALS change!!!


If your not doing so well in your online business, then learn something new about it, and shift and change what you are doing. The trick is to NEVER GIVE UP…just keep adjusting your course until you get it right, and hit your sweet spot of success.


If you don’t absolutely LOVE your online business venture, after at least two years of trying to give it a go, then change to a different online business venture…but for Gawd’s sake…don’t give up on your dream of having a successful online business, and never stop learning and growing in the process!


I can tell you from experience…that success is much sweeter, appreciated, and valued when you have to chase it with all your might, tackle it, and wrestle it to the ground. Not to mention…we tend to be much more compassionate and patient with others who walk our same path to success.


So…if you feel like giving up on your dream of having a successful online businessDON’T!


Instead, go treat yourself to an ice-cream cone, or a walk in the park, or…awe hell…maybe a mini-vacation…just don’t ever give up, ok.


Because in the end happiness really does equal growth and change…and we all know that most of the time that doesn’t come easy!


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