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Did you know when you are happy you make more money?

It’s an absolute truth that abundance has a vibration of joy…or it is more commonly known as…”a happy feeling.”

Therefore when you are happy you are in the same vibration as that green stuff that we all want…and it is attracted to being around you more.

So if you are struggling with a ton of stress in your life, below are 12 ways to get into that “happy” feeling…so that you can create more of that moolah that you are wanting in your online business!              

1). Express Gratitude. Gratefulness is the baseline that you will set for all happy feelings. Start small…like being grateful for your cup of coffee, or your bed, or a pet…etc…and work your way up from there.

2). Cultivate Optimism. Literally…look on the bright side of things. See the good both in your present moment, and in your future.

3). Avoid overthinking and social comparison. Most of us entrepreneurs tend to be up in our heads…thinking…24/7 and that is not always healthy. Give your brain a break once in awhile and just enjoy your present moment. Also, your journey to success online is just that…YOUR UNIQUE JOURNEY…in the same way that no one can be you because you are an original. It is helpful to not get stuck comparing our journey to success on our online businesses with someone else’s.

4). Practice kindness. It’s always helpful when we do this by starting with ourselves, and then work our way outward to the world and humanity around us.

5). Nurture relationships. Again…it is always helpful when we are willing to practice this with the we relationship we have with ourselves first…and then push out to relationships outside of us.

6). Develop strategies for coping. Have a plan in place to where when you feel stressed out, you know what you are going to do to reduce the stress, and get back to a happier feeling. For example, say you get a headache from trying to fix a problem in your online business. Take a break, eat and/or drink something good, take a walk…maybe take a powernap…and then go back to what you were focusing before. You will find that this is one of the most powerful habits you will develop in creating a successful online business!

7). Learn to forgive…beginning with forgiving ourselves for our own mistakes, and being willing to learn from them. When we can do this it is much easier to be compassionate with others and be able to forgive those that hurt and wrong us.

8). Increase flow experiences. This means practicing mindfulness. We do this by being able to stay in our present moment and be hyper-aware of how we are feeling, thinking, believing, and being aware of what our physical bodies need, by listening to it throughout the day…and adjusting what we are doing according to our awareness of ourselves. Another easier term for this is “focus”….practicing our ability to focus on ourselves, and important tasks that we need to complete.

9). Savor life’s joys. Again…start small with the smell of a flower, or an ice-cream cone, or a hug from your child, or your pet’s love for you…and work your way up from there!

10). Commit to your goals. Start with small goals that you set with yourself and your online business, and work your way up to bigger…more long-term goals.

11). Practice spirituality. Believe it or not this has a direct effect on your business, because you are not just a human body…you are also a powerful soul, and your ability to create abundance depends on you being able to feed and care for your soul. You soul feeds on truth…things that bring meaning to your life, and positive emotions such as love and peace, and a by-product of feeding your soul truth everyday. This in turn makes it much easier for us to create an environment where we are able to think clearly and confidently, and in turn be able to create massive moolah in our online businesses.

12). Take care of your body. Seriously…garbage in…garbage and icky feelings out. If you are not taking care of your body with healthier eating habits and exercise, you will not have the energy it takes to focus on your online business…let alone be able to have the energy to feel happy and create abundance in your life.  

~Author of These 12 Steps To Happiness – Stephen Covey~

With that said…let’s get HAPPY today…and create the success that we all want in our online businesses. 🙂

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