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Do I Need A Website?

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Do I need a website? That is the most frequent question that people ask me when they come to me for business coaching.

So…with that in mind let’s break this down logically…ok.

You want to be a successful online business owner…right?

Well if you want people to trust you shouldn’t you be above board and legit?

Shouldn’t you have a presence as a business online?

To be honest the ONLY way to do this whether you are ANY type of business owner…is to have an official website, or blogsite for people to go to in order to see your products and/or services. 

Websites and blogsites tell people who you are…and what you have to offer. In an age where everyone gets their information from Google, a website or blogsite is your virtual storefront.

So with this said, if you want to get more interested potential customers, if you want to make more sales, if you want people to trust you…you must give your potential customers something to trust!

You do this by having a website or blogsite!

This is the the most logical way for me to help you understand that the moolah you desire to get from an online business is based in how much people trust you, which depends mostly on how much people know you which…

People find out about from your website or blogsite…kappeesh?

No website or blogsite…no creating your dreams of having a successful online business. Trust me when I say that it is worth the investment that you put into it. 

Seriously…I have two online businesses, one website for one, and another blogsite for my other business…and I make around $4,500+ per month. This means that the $600 investment that I make annually every year is worth every penny when it comes to creating more income in my online businesses…why?

Because I AM a legit online business owner…AND I APPEAR THAT WAY!

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