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Sigh…I have spent all day speaking with and coaching clients in my two online businesses. The theme of today was all about VALUE.

How much do you value who you are as a person?

What value do you assign to yourself and do you let people talk you down in that value?

Do you hold strong to your value and what you are bringing to the table in both that and what you offer in your online business?

You see…so many times we don’t really value ourselves, or hold strong to the value we give to ourselves and our time, therefore, we don’t hold the value of what we have to offer in our online businesses to a strong standard.

Without even consciously being aware of it, we allow people to use psychological manipulation to pull our self value down, and in turn we don’t feel what we have to offer in our online business is valuable, so we assign a lower value to that also.

Pretty soon, before you know it, we stop believing in the value of ourselves and the product, and/or service that we are offering in our online business…

…and that my dear friend is why 95% of online businesses tank in the first two years.

If you find that your love for your online business is waning…you will also find that you are struggling in believing in yourself, and your ability to create massive abundance in your online business.

In order to stop this downward spiral it is imperative to constantly take action steps to not only find the value in who you are…but also grow in your belief in yourself, and also self-love.

Not in a conceited, narcissistic way…rather in a way where you truly believe that you are worthy of both giving and receiving unconditional love and acceptance.

With that said it is also important to take constant action steps to reaffirm the value that you are bringing in your online business, without letting people jew you down to a place where your product and/or service in your online business is greatly discounted. 

Yes…it is true that people LOVE a good SALE…however…most people do not truly value what they buy when it is deeply discounted. 

To prove a point here look at some of your family heirlooms…to they have great value? The answer to that is probably a resounding…YES!

Now look at the things that you have bought in sales where the items are greatly discounted…do they end up as family heirlooms…or do they end up usually being taken to the GoodWill, or eventually thrown away after good use?

Now maybe you will understand my point here.

Assign a greater value to yourself and your online business, and hold onto that staunchly, and you will see that in turn your customers will value both you and your product and/or service, that you offer in your online business, much more!

And THAT my friend is how you make that massive moolah online. 

Sell quality and less of it for more, instead of cheap quantity for less. 🙂

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Have a wonderful week!

Until next time…

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