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Kickin Ass With Joy!

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If my dog daisy can hit the ground running in the morning and scare away bear and Mt. Lions…

Hell I can do the same with problems that crop up!

It’s called kicking ass with joy.  🙂

Sometimes I want to just stay in bed and hide from life…but hell…that means denying my power.

I am just now figuring out that there is no joy in denying my power to solve problems. There is no excitement in my life when I’m not creating.

Awe shit…might as well get up and, like my dog does every morning, and scare the piss outta all the problems that wanna hammer me today.

A year ago my Justin Son lay in a hospital bed, telepathically begging me to let him go into spirit form. He had fought the monsters and demons of addiction everyday of his life…with mutherfuckin baddazz joy and courage…and he needed a break, because his body was too broken to heal.

Hell, the least I can do is honor his life in life it the way he lived it…with the same courage to face the day, kick ass with joy...while creating with peace and ease in the meantime. 

Lol…can you tell my Justin Son has been talking to me today?

Let’s get up and kick some business ass today my fellow entrepreneurs!  🙂

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Until next time…

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