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So today I’m going to keep things short and sweet.  The one insider secret that I learned directly from the mouth of my mentor, was to rotate 7-10 reputable solo ad vendors, when buying clicks for paid traffic.

I know…if you’re new at this whole online business thing you probably don’t know what a solo ad is…let alone what “traffic” means.

Paid traffic is when you pay for people to come and take a look at your online business and what it has to offer.  We call it buying “eyeballs” to your online business.

Click here to see what a solo ad is…

Just one more secret…I get my vendors for solo ads from the ones my mentor has already vetted in the Solo Ad Success Formula 2.0 … and from TrafficForMe.com, and from Udimi.com.

So…how did my mentor’s one insider secret increase my business?

It made it so that I was attracting 70% more potential customers that were truly interested in my online business.  It also increased the open rates of my emails from 7% all the way up to over 32%.

Yep, the more people opening my emails…the more they get to be able to know who I am, like who I am, and trust that I really have their best interest at heart.

So…why wait forever to build your online business when you can do it now!

Click here to get both interested customers and sales for your online business!

That’s all I have for now.

Ya’ll have an AMAZING day, ok.  🙂

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