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It Was A Set-Up!

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So let’s get real here. How many online businesses have you tried and failed at? 


Honestly I have tried 7 of them and failed at the first five. Also honestly, I felt like the first five online business set me up for failure from the beginning.

Do you ever feel like this…like most online business opportunities set you up for failure?

Well…honestly again…truth be told…it isn’t the online business opportunity that sets us up for failure in an online business...it’ each of US that do it.

How’s that?

Well think about it. We are taught that everything has to happen instantly. 

Our food has to be cooked in under a minute, our relationships have to be formed in five minutes or less, we have to be in one place or another…ASAP…yep…everything has to happen FAST!!!

Most of the time when we start an online business, we want to make money online FAST!!!…as in YESTERDAY! With this in mind we start an online business with an expectation of making instant massive moolah.

For those of you who feel this way…as a successful online business owner…all I can say is…”GOOD LUCK…YOUR GOING TO NEED IT.”

Wanna know why Misha Wilson is my business mentor?

Because he is brutally honest, and he doesn’t tell me what I want to hear, he tells me what I NEED to hear. 

There is a huge difference between EASY and INSTANT. Yes, it is perfectly normal for someone selling an online business opportunity to make it easy for you to get it started…especially if you are not tech savvy.

However…watch out for the people that want to sell you an online business opportunity and tell you that you will make instant money online…yeh…there is a high likelihood THAT’S NOT going to happen.

Having said this…just know that every successful online business owner will tell you that to be a success online…to make REAL MONEY online on a regular basis…there is a learning curve involved, as well as the fact that it will take time to make this happen.

So don’t set yourself up for failure…give yourself and your online business the most precious gift that you can give…time and your full attention.

I only say this from absolute experience!

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