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Let’s get down to brass tacks on what it takes to get your online business into profit mode.

My mentor Misha Wilson gave me the scoop last week…as short and simple as it gets.

200 clicks per day…just keeping it real! THAT is the secret sauce…the real answer to seeing immediate success in your online business.

You can get these clicks using free traffic sources like social media sites, or you can get them by running paid traffic like solo-ads, bing ads, YouTube ads…etc.

Having said this, don’t forget to set up the basic foundations in your online business BEFORE you run traffic to your affiliate links or site!!!

Foundation #1: Get an auto-responder set up for incoming leads (potential customers), and an email series ready to send out. Also get ready to keep a commitment of sending out daily emails…yes…one to two emails a day.

Foundation #2: Get a blog site made…hint…you can get a domain name at HostGater.com fairly inexpensively…and hire a person from Fiverr.com to make it look like you want to for a minimal price. Make sure that you put a few blog posts up BEFORE you run send people to your affiliate links or blog site!

Oh…and you can use old emails that have had good open rates, and repurpose them as blog posts. *wink…wink…work smarter not harder.

Pssttt…one more thing…make sure to always put your blog site domain name in the signature block of ALL your emails. It validates that you are a legitimate online business owner.

Foundation #3: Make 1-3 custom business funnels that stand apart from what everyone else is doing. There are many different types of software that you can buy to help you with this. I have found the easiest one to use is ClickFunnels.

Having said this…if you are starting an online business and you are brand spanking new…if you buy into the right business opportunity…there will be business funnels already built for you to use until you are able to learn to build your own.

I highly recommend that you use these “Done For You” business funnels because they have been tested for you and proven to get leads and convert.

Click Here For A Legit Business Opportunity With Done For You Business Funnels!

Once your business foundations are in place…then like I said…straight from my mentor Misha’s mouth…run 200 clicks per day to your site or affiliate links, and email your potential clients every day.

I would never repeat anything that I haven’t tried, and that doesn’t work for me, however…I do this and THIS is what works in bringing in real income for me online. So…I’m not going to bullshit you and tell you something different.

This is real talk…the secret sauce…what it takes to have a successful online business…200 clicks per day…it’s that easy.

Having spilled the secret of success in having an online business in brings in massive amounts of green stuff…what are you waiting for?

Let’s Do This!

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