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The Unromantic Part Of Hand-Holding

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couple holding hands at arch du triomphe

Well now that we’ve got some of the basics under our belts, we can get on with more important things…like romance…or not.

I’m not really big on romance. It’s really not my fault because I was raised with two boys, driving tractor’s and outworking male crews…and I then turned around and raised three boys by myself.

Hell…I even taught all my boys to pee standing up, and fish.  Yes, a couple of hooks ended up in people’s heads…but no one died or had to have surgery…so I consider my masculine role modeling a success.

However romance is necessary…I guess…and with that comes holding your beloved’s hand.  

Ok…so that is where hand-holding should be done…not so much when you have an online business.

I know…yes…you’re going to have a million questions when you start an online business, and you’re going to need someone to show you the ropes…IN BALANCE!

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Happy…you made it to Today!

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