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8 Seconds In The Fourth Quarter

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I was watching a playoff game the other day, and it was a close one, with each team on top everytime they would get the ball. 

Finally, it got down to the 4th quarter with 8 seconds left in the game and the team that I liked was able to block a three pointer shot, from the opposing team, and dribble out the remaining seconds to victory.

How does this apply to my online business?

It’s about being able to block all the pot-shots people take at me for having an online business.

It’s about not listening to people close to me when they tell me I should “get a real job”…and then having patience with myself while I’m learning the ropes of online marketing.

It’s about not being so afraid of my mentor, and really building up my courage to approach him for help, and trust him enough to do what he says.

It’s about getting down to the end-game in my online business and really pushing past all the tall guards set in place to block me from success.

It’s about practicing things over and over again in my online marketing tactics until I get them right.

Most of all…it’s about taking action in my online business daily, and making sure that when I set down to focus on my online business that I am in a good feeling space.

It’s about both seeing my future, and having the guts to create it in the face of really negative odds.

Having said this…here’s to you being here reading this blog…holding onto your dream of having a successful online business.  Here’s to you building up your courage to make it happen…

…and here’s to you finally doing it, and sticking with it all the way down to the end-game…because you believe in both yourself and your dream.

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Until next time…

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