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Well I have to be honest with you this morning.  I have many of the same fear and terrors that you do, even though I make good money working out of my home.

Did you hear that?

No really…I face many of the same fears that you do when it comes to building success in my two online businesses, and one of my biggest ones is my fear of standing up for myself.

In all the abuse that I went through as a child, the worst abuse came when I stood up to say things that I was seeing go wrong.  When I told my caretaker that I was being molested…I was blamed and punished.

When I told my Mom I didn’t trust my Step-Dad…I got my ass beat by my Step-Dad, after she betrayed my trust and told him what I had said.

I could go on about the daily spankings and beatings I received as a child…but I think you get the point of where my terror of standing up for myself comes from…so I won’t bore you with the details.

Regardless, this fear has been blocking me for over 7 years of not being able to break that 6 figure ceiling in my two online businesses, and I finally addressed it today.

You see…once you learn how to make that real income online…your past tends to come into play to limit you, and doing everything to make you quit.

This is the bane…the thorn in my side that I faced today.

Yay me!!! I finally stood up for myself without projecting anger at anyone…in a very logical and loving way.  Now to practice it over and over again until it becomes habit.

You see…I was telling you the truth…I do face many of the same fears that you do, and I still make an honest and viable living online.

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Here’s to facing our fears as online business owners, and in doing so, creating more income and better futures for ourselves and our families.

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