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Skipping Ahead To The Future

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After yesterday’s interesting fiasco of someone referring to me as a witch, today I found myself helping every client I met with to spend time more time in their present moment, appreciating where they were at in life and what they were learning.

I know…people come to me because they want me to tell them what their future holds, and some come to me to just have me help them get their online businesses off the ground…so why isn’t it good for them to skip ahead to their futures…right?

Okay so here’s the deal…seeing into future energy should ONLY be used as a guide to show you WHERE you currently are at…and WHERE you are headed.  IT IS NOT THE END ALL BE ALL…it is just a potential that you are responsible for either creating more of, or changing if you don’t like it!

So let’s break this down a bit.  Say you buy an online business…plunk down good money to make sure everything is “Done For You”…and then expect to jump right into your future of making ten grand a month in a week or two.

Yep…that would be the perfect formula for absolute failure and disappointment.

Here’s what would be a much better route to take.  Buy a reputable, honest, legit online business that you have taken your time to research.

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Plunk down good money to make sure that everything is “Done For You.”

Plunk down more good money for mentoring…because you probably have NO IDEA what it takes to be a successful online business owner…and prepare yourself to do anything and EVERYTHING your mentor tells you to do.  It’s called “being coachable.”

Be open to reading and learning more than you have ever learned in your life.  Also…be open to learning from your mistakes, and last but not least…

…give yourself at least one to two years to really see massive success in your online business.

From there just focus on staying IN YOUR PRESENT MOMENT at ALL TIMES…and being grateful…so that you can catch those feelings of happiness that come along.

When you catch those feelings of happiness because you are working on creating success in your online business…boy howdy…RIDE THEM TILL THE WHEELS FALL OFF!  From there, go right back into being grateful until the next feeling of happiness comes along.

Only look into your future energy periodically…just to gauge where you are at and where you are headed…and then adjust your course from there.

My friend, I’ve been teaching people how to be successful entrepreneurs for over seven years now…and the biggest things that people get tripped up on is spending too much time in their past, or too much time in their future.

To be honest…the absolute SECRET to happiness truly lies in your present moment, and your ability to stay in a place of gratefulness a majority of the time.

That is the “SECRET SAUCE” to how I created two successful online businesses…and the ability to work out of my home.

With that said…let’s get to it today and just enjoy what lies directly in front of us when it comes to our online businesses, ok.

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