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Being Called A Witch

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Well…for the first time in my life I was called a witch today.  I don’t really know whether to see it as a slam or a compliment, as I don’t even know what witches do.  

Huh…who knew?

I had a guy write to me, asking for help with an online business.  True to what I tell you guys, I took time out of my day to spend almost an hour with him on a zoom call, doing my best to get a feel for what he needed from me.

When he asked me what exactly my two online businesses where…without even thinking…I was honest as usual, and I told him that I am an online Psychic/Medium in my first online business, and my second online business is a Marketing Business. From there I went back to doing my best to extend help to him.

This morning I received a short email from him…and I quote…

…”I can not allow you to train me because you are a medium & a psychic in short a witch. May the lord bless you.”

To tell you the truth, and don’t feel blessed by the dude at all, let alone a lord that would judge me that harshly for creating me the way I am.

So…seriously…I am left still wondering if this guy read my bio, that I make sure everyone gets…telling you all my entrepreneur story?

If you didn’t read my bio…it’s ok…let me clue you in.  I was born into a hell of abuse. 

With this said, I was also born gifted.  I can see visions and dreams of the future, read people’s energy and hear their thoughts, feel how people are feeling, communicate with both people and people in spirit form via telepathy, and emoting, sense when people in spirit form are around, astrally project, and remote view people and things, but I refuse to remote view people out of respect for their privacy.

Being gifted was the only way I survived the hell and abuse I was born into.  If you want to read about my life you can buy my autobiography on my bog-site called, “Fallen Angel, From Heaven to Hell And Back Again.”  I must warn you…it’s very graphic and not suitable for people under that age of 18, or the faint of heart.

All of the above is what caused me to start the journey of being an entrepreneur, and a successful one at that. 

Now, having started a second online Marketing Business, I am not only a professional Psychic/Medium, I am also a damn good Internet and Digital Marketer.  As my way of giving back, I really get a kick out of helping people find the right online business for them, and then get profitable in that online business.

What it all boils down to my friend is that not everyone is going to be YOUR customer.Some people just aren’t going to like you, and that’s really alright.  You want people that are going to have a problem with you to BE SOMEONE ELSE’S CUSTOMER…just trust me on this, ok!

You have to ask yourself when you’re looking at losing a customer…“Do you want to make that massive green stuff online with peace and ease...or do you want to just create more headaches by trying to please judgemental people?”

With that said if you truly believe that all Psychic/Mediums should be killed, or…hell…you just don’t like people like us…please feel free to stop reading my blog, go in peace, and find someone else to teach you all the ins and outs of online marketing…including all that overwhelming tech stuff.

…and if who I am doesn’t bother you at all then…

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Oh…and no hard feelings, if you feel that you gotta go, ok.  Maybe now you will understand that your customer is one that is not only going to vibe with you, but also with what you believe.

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I am learning that letting go of hateful people translates into making more money in my onlines business…and making way for a lot more peace in my life!
Until next time…
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