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The Arse-Hole Song…Ummm…I mean the I-95 song

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Yes…there actually is a song that is informally called the “arse-hole” song…more formally known as the I-95 song.

I know…I probably shouldn’t be swearing, however, sometimes it needs to be done to relieve stress.

So I’m telling you about this because sometimes our lives suck, and we are surrounded by arse-holes. When this happens it seems that we spiral down, and making any abundance in our online business seems impossible in this state.

What we need to do when this happens is first and foremost…make a way to get away from the arse-holes that are bugging you.  Hell…be creative and outsmart them if need be.

Next…play the ares-hole song and sing it at the top of your lungs…just to release all the pent up frustration. From there sing it as many times as it takes to bring a smile back to your face.

Finally, eat…drink…or do something to reward yourself for being able to outsmart arse-holes, and get back to a better feeling state of being.  From there get back to being grateful and doing things that make your weird big heart happy.

Pretty soon…in no time at all…you will be back to being able to focusing on building more massive success in your online business.

Oh…you think I’m kidding…right?

Well…I’m not kidding…I promise it works every time!

Hey, I’m telling you the simple secrets that I do in order to make around 5k plus per month in my two online businesses from home.

All because I’m honest enough to be real and admit that sometimes it’s just absolutely fun and stress relieving to say the word…arse-hole.

I guess you could say…I’m just an honest arse-hole that deeply cares about you creating your dream of having a successful online business!  🙂

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Finally…Click Here To Sing Along With The Arse-Hole Song When Needed.

Here’s to you…willing to do whatever it takes to create your dreams of having a successful online business.  🙂

Until next time…

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