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Climbing Mountains

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Here is something that really resonated with me today.

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain but all the happiness and growth occurs while you are climbing it. ”
– Andy Rooney

So I don’t know if you know…but I live on 3,500 feet up…on top of a mountain…in an off-grid cabin.  I am also a successful online business owner, so I really know intimately what this means.

Below is a pic of the view from my place that I took this winter.

So really…I do know truly what this means in all aspects of the phrase.

Let me break it down a bit more.  I had a client come to me, frustrated because she wasn’t making the income that she a laid out in your spread-sheet to make, and she felt that she was failing in her online business.

In response to her concern, I asked her what she had learned in the last six months about internet and digital marketing, and owning an online business.

Hell she almost filled three sheets of paper from top to bottom.

My answer back to her, after looking at what she had written was, how can you see yourself as a failure with all you have learned…right?

Now…I said…how many good memories have you made since you started your online business, and how much confidence have you built in the time that you have had it?

And…this time her eyes lit up as she could she see what I was getting at.

You see my client and acquired that coveted skill-set of internet and digital marketing, she had amassed more experience than she had ever had when it came to having an online business, and she had made strong trusting bonds and friendships in the organization she had joined, far and above any she had experienced before…

Not to mention, she had created more moolah in her online business than she had ever accomplished before in her life.

Sure it wasn’t up to par with her spread-sheet…but hells bells…she was well on her way to meeting those numbers!

You see sometimes when we get stuck not feeling like we are a success in our online businesses, because we are still on our journey to the top.

With that said it is so important that we enjoy our entrepreneurial journey, that we enjoy the building of our confidence, and that we enjoy all the amazing people that we meet along the way.

I started my first online business in 2012…and seven years later…I not only have two online businesses now, but I am also a published author…and I really do work out of my home from the top of my mountain.

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Here’s to you having an amazing and relaxing day!  🙂

Until next time…

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