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What Stops You?

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So I’m going to keep it short and simple today with a question.

What stops you from starting your own online business?

Now for the MOST IMPORTANT question…

Is it a reason or an excuse?

Once you get clear on that then you’re halfway there to creating success online.

You see in my first online business I didn’t need any business capital to start my business…I just paid a percentage of my earnings to the platform that I worked off of.  The platform did all my online marketing for me.

Regardless, I ran from really doing it full time because of FEAR. Fear of looking strange, fear of failure, fear of people not liking me, fear of my family writing me off, fear of being wrong…yep…FEAR!

I ran from that online biz for two years and the minute I faced my fear and committed to it fully, at three months in I was making 2k a month. Six months later I was up to 4k…and I just kept skyrocketing from there.

My second online business…well…that a beast of a whole different color, because I had to learn to do all my online marketing for myself, so it’s taking a bit longer to get it to the same level of green stuff that I make in my first online biz.

However, this time it is all about mindset, and not limiting myself.  This time it’s learning to be ok with warp-speeding ahead, and learning from my mistakes on the fly.  This time it’s about getting really comfortable with that four letter word…sell.

Am I stopping anytime soon?


So once again I ask…what is stopping you from creating your own success online?

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Because life is too short to let fear keep you from massive amounts of abundance, and the freedom that you both desire, and deserve in your life!

Until next time…

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