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I Think About You In Bed

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I am sure we can all attest to the fact that the minute we get into bed for the night…is the minute we remember everything we forgot during the day…everything we did wrong…and also we remember hot new ideas for our online businesses.

So what happens next is because we are so tired from the day…we then drift off to sleep…and forget everything again the next morning.

Ugghhh…yes all those hot new ideas that we had thought of for our online business are now gone, as we struggle to come up with new ones during the day when our mind seems to go dead in the creativity department.

Sigh…all that those thoughts of what I wanted to write to you that will help you breakthrough to making that real massive green stuff online…yeh…gone! 🙁

Here’s a simple suggestion that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in having an online business…


When a hot new idea pops into your head right before you drift off to sleep…jot that puppy down!

Then from there…when you wake up…first thing in the morning within an hour after waking up…look at those hot new ideas you jotted down for your online business and spend about 30-45 mins brainstorming each of them.

Talk about 10xing your online business game…hell I should know…because this is what really works for me and why I work out of my home.

Psst….it also works when you are struggling with relationship issues.  😉

So…there you have it…one of my top producing online business secrets.  Yep…it is as simple as keep a notebook and pen by your bed, and being motivated enough to jot things down before drifting off to sleep.

I mean seriously, I know that at the point of drifting off to sleep you don’t even want to move…however…

Would you do it if it meant bringing in 10k more in your online business a month?

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