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Yes…you heard me correctly in the subject…you only have one job if you want to be a successful online business owner…

…and that job is JUST TO FEEL GOOD!

I know…you feel like crap…and life keeps handing you sucker punches left and right so right now that job feels impossible…right?

So the key question is…HOW do you go about feeling good when you feel like utter crap…so that you can attract that massive moolah in your online business?

Here is a list of 8 things you can do to help you get there.

1).  Set the tone for the day right when you get up with being grateful. Also read, and listen to something motivational, or on successful entrepreneurship FIRST THING in the morning.

2).  Do the work in your online business as early as possible in the day…when your energy is higher, and your emotions are fairly cleared. Do it early when you are clear and able to focus.  It also helps to automate most of what you are doing in your online marketing.

3). Take breaks after getting hit with emotional heaviness.  Allow your time to feel through whatever it is that hurts your soul, and release it…BEFORE…you try to work in your online business.  Give yourself time with…YOURSELF!  You give everyone else your time…when in all reality…you deserve your own time more than anyone else!

4).  Don’t hold onto other people’s pain for them.  So many times people hurt us and push their pain forcibly on us.  Give it back to them lovingly by forgiving them, so that they can heal their own pain, and so that it no longer hurts you by holding onto it.  Oh…and don’t forget to begin with forgiving yourself first.  You don’t have to include or say anything to the person that hurt you…you can do this all on your own…just so that your not left holding someone else’s baggage of pain.

5).  Don’t accept nasty gifts of guilt or shame from people.  This includes yourself!  Give the gift of being lovingly assertive in not accepting nasty gifts, and don’t feel guilty for it, ok.

6).  Don’t take things personal.  If someone is rude or grumpy…don’t assume that you caused it.  If a situation happens that is difficult…don’t assume that you caused it. Don’t take it personal and look for something positive that will come of it.

7).  FOCUS ON FEELING YOUR WORTHINESS!  Focus on feeling worthy of abundance and good relationships. Daydream about it…feel good about it…and bring it into reality.

8).  Let go of expectations.  Let go of how you think things should be and just live in your present moment in a state of gratefulness for what is.  This doesn’t mean set goals…just don’t have and expectation of when or exactly how you should be meeting that goal. Work on just being open to taking steps towards yours goals, and enjoying the journey in your present moment to getting to that goal.

THAT my dear friend is HOW you get to a better…good feeling place in your life.

Oh…and when you feel good…THAT is how you create that massive amount of abundance in your online business that you are wanting.

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Here’s to never giving up on your dream of having a successful online business.

Until next time…

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