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I Watched In Horror!

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Frightened Woman in Bed with the Sheets Pulled Up to her Face

I watched in horror today as I stood next to my car and watched someone, that was in a hurry, back right into the front of it.

Well…that’s not actually the truth…I was actually watching in amusement, because you see…I own a 1987 Chrysler 5th Ave, huge metal boat of a car.

Owning an old granny car with only 83k miles on it, is not only fun to drive…I also know if I get in a wreck that my big boat is more than likely not going to get hurt much.  This was the case today.

It was actually funny to watch the guy throw his head back on impact and swear to himself, before actually climbing out of his truck, shouting and grumbling that he hadn’t seen my big ol’ boat.

Holy hells bells…you should have seen the confused look on his face when he saw me smiling back at him.

It was even more of a shock to him when I said, “no worries…you didn’t do any damage, so it’s ok for you to go and have a good day now.”

The poor guy still needed to look just to see that there was no damage, before breathing a huge sigh of relief, and climbing back into his truck to leave.

You see…I’m a lot like my car…which I have lovingly dubbed, “Big Bertha.”  I have been through so much hell in my life…been so hurt and tore up by others…yet I  have chosen to come to a place where I can forgive people easily.  In this place nothing much scares or bothers me anymore.

Wanna know the biggest thing that trips up online business owners and entrepreneurs…the BIGGEST things that stops us from making that massive green stuff?

It’s holding on to pain that others have knowingly or unknowingly shoved on us.  When we hold on to others pain it invariably bleeds over into our business lives.

Yep, vendors cheat us, business partners leave us, we tend to squander any moolah we do make in our online business...uggghhh…so many things go wrong when we hold on to other people’s pain!

Wanna know how to fix this?

Give people back the pain that they have shoved onto you, lovingly by taking the time to picturing yourself putting it back at their feet…and forgiving them. Don’t do this for their sake…do it so that you can move forward in your life unfettered by the pain they burdened you with.

What…awe hell no…I know you probably want revenge…right?

Well…I have news for you…revenge hurts you more than it hurts the other person…so why not just give their pain back to them lovingly by forgiving them, without even having to let them know?

There’s another reason that this will always work…it unleashes the “Law of Compensation…aka…Karma”…to go into play, and teaches the person that hurts you what it feels like to be hurt in this way.

You see if you continue to hold on to another’s pain…you are stopping the “Law of Compensation” from going into action, thereby letting that person off the hook to go hurt someone else in the same way.  Is this really what you want?

So I know…you probably still don’t feel like forgiving the person that hurt you…and that’s ok. Sometimes we have to take baby steps in being able to forgive…so just give yourself time to sit down and feel about just wanting to HAVE the desire to forgive a person that has hurt you, and do this over and over again…until you can actually give them forgiveness…even if you never tell them about it, ok.

Trust me…this trips ALL online business owners and entrepreneurs up…from those of us just beginning in our online businesses…all the way up the big guys in the massive mils.

In fact I was just listening to a podcast where one guy make six mil…and lost it all simply because he was holding on to other people’s pain, and he kept repeating the same cycle of being hurt in his business life.

It’s all about forgiveness my friend. Forgiving yourself for the mistake of holding on to the pain for so long, and forgiveness for the person that hurt you, so that you can let go of the weight of it that holds you back from creating success in your online business.

FORGIVENESS…it’s not just for using in your personal life…it’s about using it in your business life so that you can have better health, more positive energy and focus to put into your online business, and letting go of thousands of pounds of emotionally heavy weight, so that you can warp speed ahead in your online business.

I can tell you it works as I make over 5k a month…and it’s going up every month…in my two online businesses.

Here’s to us entrepreneurs that are built solid, and tuff, like my old “Big Bertha”…meant to glide through life peacefully unscathed by anything that life may throw our way.

Yep…it felt really good today to not be horrified, but rather amused and compassionate for the poor harried man that backed into my car today.

Take your power back today…and learn to forgive….it feels good!

Until next time…

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