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I’m No Expert But…

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Genius baby

I’m not gonna lie to you. When we first start an online business we tend to feel like bumbling idiots…not experts.

I know I did with my marketing business…and with my first online business!

But a year and a half into my marketing business…and over 25,000 psychic/medium readings in my first online business, and yes…I am feeling much more confident about my ability to create successful online businesses.

You know what keeps me going…what keeps me moving forward every day?

I love my two online businesses like a fat kid loves cake…or maybe I should say…passionately like the love of my life.

You see…I could not even imagine what it would be like to have to go to work for someone else now.

What makes you an expert?  A willingness to learn…REPETITION…and the resolve to NEVER give up…no matter what!

Hells bells…you don’t even need to have years of experience to be an “expert”…all you need is to be passionately good at something, and a couple of steps ahead of all the people that are gunning for the same thing as you.

You see…it’s not hard to be good at something you love…and that includes a successful online business. It’s not hard to be an expert at something you love…especially if it is YOUR DREAM.

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