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Dollar Signs & No Regrets!

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I know…your asking…”what’s good about Monday mornings”…right?

Well for entrepreneurs what’s good about Monday mornings is that we see dollars signs, and muney in our bank accounts, and we have no regrets!

I know so many people that absolutely HATE rich people.  What I hear from these people is…”rich people don’t pay taxes…rich people don’t play by the same rules…rich people are fake”…and the complaints go on and on, hating on rich people.

If you ask those same people if they want ten mil handed to them, boy howdy are they ever quick to say…YES!

So on one hand these same people hate rich people, however, on the other hand they deeply desire to be rich….

Do you see where they are putting holes in their own boat, and sinking any success they would ever achieve in creating massive success in an online business?

To be honest, some of the realest and nicest people I know, including my mentor, are people who have made a ton of muney online with a passionate desire to learn and never give up on creating success in their online businesses.

How can you hate so much, what you desire to be so much?

It gets to be a real paradox that needs to be solved if you really want to make that massive green stuff online.

Also…if you think that money “is the root of all evil”…once again you are repelling abundance…NOT drawing it to you.

The deep truth about those dollar signs is that they only make you more of who you REALLY are at your soul’s core.

So do you really love yourself completely and unconditionally…or do you secretly hate parts of you that you never show to anyone?

Is a deep seated hate for rich people just a secret envy to be just like them when it comes to being able to attract abundance easily?

These are the REAL questions you should be asking yourself, and finding resolutions to…BEFORE…you decide to start your own online business.

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It’s about creating with PEACE and EASE…not giving conflicting messages to the Universe in what you do and don’t want.

Get clear and focused…find the courage to go for your dream of having a successful online business, and most of all…plan on NEVER GIVING UP UNTIL YOU GET THERE.

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