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What The Hec Is A Mush-Cookie?

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Today I got an email from one of my mentors, Ben Settles, and in the content he had the word…”Mush-Cookie”.

When I saw it I almost fell out of my chair laughing…but at the same time I was saying to myself…”what the hec is a Mush-Cookie?”

Reading further down in the email I learn that a “Mush-Cookie” is a reference to a person that is easily offended.

Well…boy howdy…if you are wanting to create a successful online business, you are in all honesty gonna have haters. Take it from me, a person that has been working out of her home online for almost 8 years, this is an absolute unavoidable fact!

Yep…no panty-waists allowed when it comes to tenaciously gunning for your goals of making that massive green stuff in an online biz.

This DOES NOT mean that you pester people obnoxiously to buy what you are offering in your online business…it just means that people tend to feel entitled to have everything handed to them for free…no work or effort involved.

This DOES mean that even if you are offering people value, some of them aren’t going to appreciate what you are bringing to the table in experience and learned expertise.

I have yet to meet anyone that makes money in an online biz without paying with either both time and effort and/or money for mentoring and having everything done for you to begin with.  To be truthful, every mentor that I have ever hired has told me the same thing as what my own experience has been.

With that said…you’re gonna have to learn to buck up buttercup, and don’t take it personal if people unsubscribe from your list, or send you rude or nasty notes on occasion.

This just comes with the territory of having to sort through a few haters, in order to get to all the people that really do resonate with who you are, and what you are offering to them in your online business.

Yep…having a thick hide…balls of steel….a willingness to learn lots of new things…and a great sense of work ethic and tenacity is what it takes to make the mils in an online biz…lol…no “Mush-Cookies” allowed!

On the other side of the coin though…it is worth every bit of effort…everything learned…and all the money that you put into your online biz to not having any co-workers you are being forced to work with…not having to bow to a boss that could care less about you…not having to put up with endless traffic to just get to a jobsite…and awe hell…not working for peanuts anymore.

If this sounds like a fair trade-off…

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Because I don’t know about you…but unless they are really hard cookies dunked in milk…I really don’t like mush cookies…and I do my very best to stay far, far, away from people that are easily offended.

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And you will get to feel how good it feels to go boating, swimming, fishing, or just laying around and reading a good book, on a Tuesday, when everyone else is out slaving to make someone else rich.

Sometimes I am guilty of doing the above, however, truth be told I love my two online businesses so much…well…they tend to get my attention a lot. Having said that though…when I meet someone to kick it with…someone I really enjoy being around all the time…trust and believe I’m going to be taking more time off than I already do!

Until next time…

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