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Throwing It Across The Room!

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Sometimes having an online business is not all shits-n-giggles. In fact…when you’re having tech difficulties…there are many times when you feel like picking up your computer and THROWING IT ACROSS THE ROOM!

Right now with all the eclipsal and retrograde energy, coupled with a full moon…not only do tech problem abound…but also personal problems crop up to make it even more frustrating to try to be successful in your online business.

Keeping this in mind…what works for me in bringing me back to a place where I actually enjoy working in my two online businesses…it all lays in doing small things repetitively over and over again until I feel really good with my ability to do them.

I mean seriously…in my first online business…I’ve given over 26,000 readings to my clients.

Am I confident in my abilities in giving Psychic/Medium readings now?

HELL YES! To the point where if I get a grumpy new client I don’t even let it bother me, because I know it’s about them not feeling good, and not about my ability to do my job.

When it comes to my marketing business…hell…I LOVE RUNNING SOLO ADS…to the point where I have run well over 100 of them.

Am I confident now in my ability to spot a good solo ad vendor and get good paid advertising from them?

HELL YES…and it just keeps getting better!

You see…the point I am trying to make here is that when you have an online business, it’s not just about learning to market your online business effectively…it’s more about practicing small marketing skills over and over again…until you can do it in your sleep.

This not only builds confidence in your ability to make your online business successful. It’s also creates MASSIVE success in your online business!

So here’s to reppin that repetition until we get into a state where things flow smoothly and feel good in our online businesses…

…because at the end of the day THIS is what brings in all that green stuff that makes it possible to make a viable and excessive income from home.

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Oh…and it’s ok to reach out to me to shoot me an email, asking questions that have you stumped. I really do care about you…and I really do answer back!

Until next time…

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