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When The Boogey Man Knocks On Your Door

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Aahhh yes…what does one do as an online business owner when the boogey man of “No More Green Stuff” knocks on your door?

What do you do when your faced with running out of working capital to run your online business?

Do you answer the door?

Awe hell yes…I do!

Why you ask?

Because I know that my own mind created said boogey man, and I…as an entrepreneur…am the ONLY ONE that can make him go away!

You see…working out of my home for eight straight years has taught me a very important lesson.


…more importantly…I am also the source of where the fear of “LACK” comes from.

Knowing this I answer the door when I feel like I am running out of working capital for my online marketing business, just so that I can bring that fear of “LACK” down to size, and come up with a viable plan to come up with more working capital that I need.

At the end of the day the fact still remains that this “boogey man” will never go away until we can trust our own ability to create what we both need and want.

I have proven to myself over the course of eight years that I not only have this ability, but also that I am fairly good at it.

The hard-core truth is that you can never create success in your online business until you are able to trust in your ability to both learn, and create.

Do you trust yourself?

The only way you’re ever going to know is to start practicing over and over again, your ability to come up with working capital in creative ways…BEFORE…you begin to get low on funds.  Simply because it’s way easier to create from a place where you have moolah versus a place where you are strapped for funds.

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Because life is too short to never live inside your dream of having a successful online business. Especially when I am living proof that you can create it for yourself, too!

Until next time…

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