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Yes…you have to admit that in your perfect world…the above meme would be applicable.  This is especially what we desire when we are looking to be successful online business owners…right?

So here’s as close as I can come to getting that for you right now.

You see when I started my first online business I had spent 42 years working as an employee for other people.

Needless to say…I HAD NO IDEA HOW TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR…let alone a successful online business owner.  

I found that my BIGGEST hurdle, by far, was being able to switch from 42 years of being in the mindset of an employee…to being in the mindset of being my own boss!

Yep…my biggest block to success in any online business was in between my two ears…that would be my brain.

I had to take baby-steps in learning the whole process of being responsible for making all of my moolah online, and boy was the ever a daunting task.

However…here is what I did to make it WAY EASIER on myself.  I worked from a platform that did ALL of my online marketing for me.

I already had a skill-set of extra-sensory perception (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, empathic abilities, remote viewing, and mediumship) that had been honed since childhood in the fire of surviving extreme childhood abuse.

I guess you could say that I could accurately sense future energy, and get out of the way when something bad was about to happen.

By working from a platform…Keen.com…all I had to do was be bold enough to use it to help people that struggled like I did in life.

This made it much easier for me to just focus on two things…helping people…and getting into that coveted mindset of being my own boss.  Oh…and letting go of any fear around that.

In three months I was making 3k…net profit per month…and I didn’t stop until I was making over 10k a month.

I’m not saying that this is what you are going to do, because I don’t know how committed to creating real massive green stuff online. However, this is a very real potential for you!

My biggest piece of advice to clients that really do want to have their own successful online business…if they have spent a lifetime being an employee…is to start by working from a platform that does all of your marketing for you, and takes a percentage of you income to do so.

Some of those platforms include Etsy.com, Amazon.com, Ebay.com, Fiverr.com…and there are many out there to choose from.

If you like a product and want to sell it then Etsy, Amazon, and Ebay, are great platforms to work from.  If you are selling a service Fiverr, Keen, or other service platforms are out to work from.

IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU RESEARCH THESE PLATFORMS…and make sure you are comfortable with their user agreements, ok.

I know…right now you’re wondering why I would bring you onto my list offering you online business opportunities where you are learning to do your own online marketing, if I’m just going to tell you this…right?

I do this because I am here to hold your hand and make it as easy as possible…however…I don’t know what background you have in being an entrepreneur unless you write to me…ask me for help…and give me a little background on what exactly you are wanting.

Having said this though, there has to be a complete commitment on your part to make it work and not give up, and some people…like me when I first started…aren’t there yet in their heads, and I totally understand this!

Here’s to NEVER giving up on your dream of having a successful online business, and even more so…a happy Saturday!

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Until next time…

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