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The Art of Not Giving a F%ck

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After writing a 2 pound…over 700 page autobiography...I can honestly say that I am mastering the art of not giving a flying f%ck about what anyone thinks of me.

Also, after being harshly judged all of my life, I have come to learned that people that hate themselves will ALWAYS judge me, and I have ZERO control over that.

However…I DO have control over how I feel about being judged…and how I choose to react to it. Most of the time I have no more f%cks to give…so I choose to ignore people judging me, and I just stay in my own bubble of peace.

I can tell you from experience that walking in a place of complete transparency is one of the most powerful places that you can ever be in your life!

You see…as entrepreneurs and online business owners, people tend to be jealous over the fact that we are living our dreams…and they are not, so they do everything in their power to pass that self hate on to us.

Oh…and they do this in the slyest…most “well-meaning” way by telling us that they care about us and don’t want to see us fail…right?

Well hells bells…every milliunare entrepreneur out there has failed 9 times out of ten…are you kidding?  THAT’S the path to really finding success in an online business!

It’s called having a learning curve! If we don’t fail we don’t learn and if we don’t learn we never get really good at what we do…right?

I get it…no one likes to fail…however…failing forward it is the FASTEST path to success!

Having said this though…if you are failing and NOT gaining traction in your online business…I do have something that will help you immensely!

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Because feeling stuck and not making that massive moolah that you are wanting to make in your online business really sucks…and it helps when you can get answers as to WHY this is happening.

Oh…and it also helps when you stop caring about what other people think…and just focus on making your own online biz successful.

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