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Are You Generating Cash While You Play And Sleep?

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Have you gotten to a point in your online business where you are generating kash while you play and sleep?

I can honestly say that I do…and they key to doing this is knowing how to automate everything in your online business!

In my marketing business I start at 8am in the morning, and have everything done by 9am.  Here’s what automating things in my online business looks like…

First I grab a cup of coffee, turn on my computer, and pull up my PERSONAL Facebook page. Then I do a FB live teaching an online marketing tactic, concept, or entrepreneurial mindset tip  in under ten minutes.

From there I download the video to my computer, and upload it to my YouTube channel. After that I head over to my f.re.e pixtellar.com account and make a quick professional looking thumbnail for my video. I already have the background picture, and most of the wording set…and all I have to do is plug in the topic…save it…and download it it.

I have done all of this while my video is uploading to YouTube so by the time I head back over there, all I have to do is add my description to my video, add my tags, and change my thumbnail to the custom one that I created and downloaded to my computer.

After that I publish my new YouTube video, and share it on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram…and BOOM…my online marketing biz is being seen for f.re.e on 6 different social media platforms.


Phew…I’m not even breaking a sweat when I head over to my autoresponder, open an old email with good open rates, copy it, and then head over to my blog-site.

Opening up my blog-site, I click one button to add a new post, copy and past the subject line to the email as the title of the blog, and paste the body of the mail…yep you guessed it…with my business links and all…into the body of the blog.

From there I head over to a free picture site like unsplash.com, pick out a picture that fits my blog, download it to my trusty computer, and upload it to my blog as a feature photo. BOOM…in under ten minutes I have posted a new blog. Yep…you guessed it…now I’m getting even MORE eyeballs to my online business.

Now…here is where I spend most of my time simply because I LOVE to write…you guessed it…here is when I sit down to write you…my trusted friend…and email in my autoresponder. After pouring out my heart and business know-how to you, I schedule my email to be sent out to you the next day…and the exact time I start another home-based business work day.

After spending 20 minutes lovingly crafting my email to you, I’m still only 50 minutes into my business day.

In the last ten minutes of my workday hour…I pay for, and schedule, a solo ad to be run so that I can get more immediate responsive eyeballs to my online marketing business…and BOOM…I’M DONE!!!

And THAT my dear client and friend has only taken an hour out of my day…all because I have learned to use the power of automation in my online businesses!

You would think I would stop there and just enjoy the rest of my day in glorious freedom, and truthfully, sometimes I do.

However, like I have told you before, I have TWO online businesses, and I won’t stop until I have hit that 7 figure income line…and even then…well hells bells…

…I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CREATING AND I AM TOTALLY DRIVEN to help people find their own success and happiness having their own dream of being a successful online business owner…so I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon!

What does this mean for you?

It means that you don’t necessarily have to be TOTALLY DRIVEN like I am to see success in your online business. You just need an hour every day to spare, a willingness to learn, and a die-hard drive to never give up!

Are you going to see success overnight? Probably not…however…it will be much more faster than you know if you use AUTOMATION to drive traffic (potential customers) to your new online biz, AND you have someone like my mentor, Anothony, and myself to show you how to set it all up…

…I’m just sayin…what are you waiting for?

Click Here To Get Started…

Because you’re not getting any younger…summer and play-time calls…and your loved ones would LOVE to see you more often. Not to mention…your J.O.B is probably not the funnest thing to look forward to…and neither is daily commute traffic!

Click Here To Get Started NOW!

…and I will see you floating the river, because I felt like taking time out for myself on this beautiful weekday morning.  🙂

Until next time…


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