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What Does Extrasensory Perception Have To Do With You Being An Online Business Owner?

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I mean really…what is extrasensory perception…right?

Extrasensory perception…ESP for short…is when a person has enhanced versions of sight, hearing, touch, feeling, smell, and taste. There are also a couple of other senses that are “extra” that humans have even outside of these.

Some of these senses are known as clairvoyance, clairaudeince, clairsentience, clairempathy, clairgustance, clairsalience, astral projection, remote viewing, the ability to use spells and/or magick, and mediumship.

Most entrepreneurs are drawn into being their own bosses simply because they are running at a higher capacity than everyone else, and they need the peace and freedom of working alone, without all the distractions and demands of a typical job-site.

So…if your drawn to wanting your own successful online business…you more than likely have one or more extra senses, whether you are aware of it or not.

I have, and use on a regular basis, seven extra senses. One of my most successful online businesses is based on the use of those extra senses.

Using ESP made it possible for me to quit the miserable task of having to work on job-sites, and made it possible for me to work completely from home from my computer, or anywhere with wifi and phone service.

Let’s get one thing straight…one of the common traits of having ESP is that you never seem to fit in with the normal crowd of people. In fact prolonged exposure to crowds of people is rather nerve-wracking, however, the need for the acceptance of others has always been an ache in your heart that never seems to go away…right?

You will find that as you begin to accept yourself ENTIRELY…including your extrasensory perception…that others will slowly begin to accept you as the whole of who you are also.

I know…so again…what does this have to do with you having a successful online business…right?

Well…you will probably feel more anxiety, more depression, more of what other people feel, more doubt and fear than the average person, simply because your senses are way more amplified than others around you.

You will have more energy than the average person, that comes in spurts, with peak ups and downs. You will probably be more creative and driven than the average person.

Last but not least your mistakes will seems bigger and more frequent than the average person. This is because the primary way a person with ESP learns is through experience and most of all…MISTAKES! 🙂

Welcome to what most successful online business owners experience.


Again…because MOST of us are using one or more extra senses!

I have created a video series on ESP to explain what each of the are. What the advantages, and upsides to them are…and what the kryptonite, or downside to them are.

Click Here For ESP Series Part 1 – Intro To ESP

Click Here For ESP Series Part 2 – Clairempathy

Click Here For ESP Series Part 3 – Clairvoyance

Click Here For ESP Series Part 4 – Mediumship

Click Here For ESP Series Part 5 – Clairaudience

Click Here For ESP Series Part 6 – Claircognizance

Click Here For ESP Series Part 7 – Clairsentience

Click Here For ESP Series Part 8 – Spells & Magick

Click Here For ESP Series Part 9 – ESP Wrap-Up & Using Astrology

With this said…at the end of the day…it’s all about learning to hone your ESP abilities, in a combined effort to heal your soul, let go of negative emotions that hold you back, and use the Universal “Law of Attraction” to your benefit, and for your success!

If you don’t have a truly LEGIT, HONEST, and EASY online business yet, and your dream is to be a successful online business owner, in the shortest amount of time possible…yes at warp-speed…!!!

Click Here To Get Started Now!

Until next time…

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