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Why Does It Have To Be So hard?

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You would be surprised at how many people have asked me the question…”why does having an online business have to be so hard?”

The simple answer is that it doesn’t have to be difficult…we just have a tendency to make things more difficult than what it really is.

Someone asked a question in a support group that our organization has, and my answer to her question was really simple…

In fact, it was so simple that another member of our organization asked the question again, because she didn’t know that making real legit dollars in our online businesses was that easy.

Of course my answer didn’t change.

However, it finally dawned on the two other members of our organization how much they had a mindset of taking something that was really simple and easy, and jumbling it all up in their heads to be more difficult than it really was.

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Because life’s too short to make things more difficult than what it should be.

This online business is so easy that both myself, and another single Mom where able to make it work for us…

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