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give em hell

Welcome to hell.  Sure we know it as earth…yet I’m sure some of you have officially qualified it as…well…a living hell.

When in hell give em hell…right???

Let’s really take a closer look at that, ok.

On that note I wanted to treat myself to a slow Sunday drive, breakfast, and a shower in town, so after revelling in my soft warm bed, I ambled in true bear fashion down the mountain to town.

My first stop was to go to Safeway because I needed to do a couple of things at the customer service counter.  It took forever for the lady to come to the counter…because she wasn’t ready for me to be there.

Did I give her hell for having to wait so long?  No…because I understood what it was like to have customers come to the front, right in the middle of counting down a till.  The cashier smiled and thanked me for understanding.

My second stop was to go to my favorite place for breakfast.  The waitress ignored me because she was slammed with people and didn’t like where I had sat down at.

Did I give her hell? No…because I understood what it felt like to be a waitress, getting slammed with hungry customers.  In light of this I quietly left to go get a much needed cup of coffee and breakfast at Subway.

After arriving at Subway, I learned that it was the first day of opening for the only employee that was there.  I managed to make her smile with a big tip, yet there was still no coffee made…because the Subway employee was not ready for me to be there.

Did I give her hell?  No…because I understood what it was like to open a fast-food restaurant, and not be quite ready when the first early bird customer hit the drive-thru.

So after all that…I made one more stop at Burger King for my coffee…and off to the glorious shower I drove…only I forgot my towel…now it was my turn to not be ready…uggghhh!

Did I give myself hell? No…hell I had just been through a gauntlet of hell before arriving at the shower, why was I going to make myself even more miserable?
In light of this I dried off with my old t-shirt, and then felt how good to was to be clean, whilst drinking my hot coffee on the way back home.

Success at last…I was ready for the day!  🙂

You see the moral of this story is that many times when we jump into an online business venture, the online business world isn’t ready for us to show up on the scene.

It doesn’t help much when we ourselves are not ready to show up on the noisy, ever-changing, internet, and digital marketing scene!

Honestly though…I really mean it when I tell you that you have to prepare the internet business world for you, when you show up on the scene to market your online business.

The online business world see’s so many dreamy-eyed, wanna-be milliunare, online business owners fail, that most people won’t even bat an eye to pay attention to you, or what you are trying to market, when you first hit the online marketing scene.

I remember attending my first business event with my organization, and three of the big-time online business owners had personally told me…”do regular videos on fb, and upload them to your YouTube channel.”

I didn’t understand the “why” behind their advice, yet I dutifully put into action what I had been told to do when I got home.  I made a show called, “Morning Bear Growl”…because I’m kinda growly in the morning…and I stuck to doing it at the same time in the morning…Monday thru Friday..for six months solid…

…and I’m not stopping anytime soon.

You see, I was getting everyone in the online business world familiar with me…so that they would be ready for what I had to bring to the market…and to show both them and myself the level of commitment that I had in me, for my own online business.

By the time I attended my second business event for my organization, everyone knew me.  Hell…with all the hugs and pictures taken with people…it was even better than a Bohanan family reunion!  🙂

Now here’s the secret to all this that I will share with you…

It’s not “giving ’em hell” that really gets people to know like and trust you.

Most of the time it’s your willingness to always be there…showing your face…day in and day out…THAT is what really builds the “know, like, and trust” factor that we all want to have for our online businesses.

Half the battle of creating success in our online businesses is just showing up EVERYDAY…and showing everyone that come hell or high water…we are not going home.

Well…actually we are going home because online businesses are done out of our homes…so maybe that was the wrong analogy to use…ahhh yes…WE ARE NOT GOING TO DISAPPEAR FROM THE ONLINE SCENE! There…that fits much better…lol.  🙂

So…even if people aren’t ready for you to have a successful online business...including yourself…just show up…dawg it…never give up…and you will see more success than 95% of the people out there who won’t bother to do this.

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You got this!  🙂

Until next time…

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