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Lump Was Never A Word I Really Liked

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Don’t you just hate it when a person tries to lump you in with a whole crowd of people?  I mean really…you’re a unique individual…and THAT my friend is why I never really liked the word…”LUMP.”

I don’t like to feel like someone is assuming that I’m like tons of other people…and I especially don’t like it when I’m sold to that way!

So here’s where we get hung up when we have an online business, and we get down to brass tacks in marketing it online.

Logic seems to dictate that we would need to market to the MASSES in order to bring in more interested customers and clients…right?


If you really want to get the attention of a mass of people that feel like they know you and will be loyal to you…market your online business with just ONE person in mind.

Think of what your perfect customer looks like…how old they are…what they do for a living…what they enjoy doing in their spare time…what they hate doing…what they stand for…what they stand against…what they like to eat…and who they like to hang out with…and so on and so forth.

Once you get that picture of your perfect person set in your mind…then market your online business to just THAT PERSON!

When you write an email…write it to THAT PERSON.  When you make a new business funnel, make it to get just THAT PERSON’S attention.  When you post a blog…post it to just THAT PERSON, etc.

Ok so here is why you will get way more business if you market to just one person…vs…to the masses.  You will get the attention of a ton of people that LOVE it when they feel like someone is individually focused on them to sell them a solution to a problem, only they think they have.

When someone feels like they have been “lumped” in with masses of other people they don’t feel special…and they sure as hell don’t feel like you genuinely care about them as a truly unique individual.

So with that said…let’s have fun getting creative in the marketing of our online business in a way where we are marketing it to individuals…NOT masses of people.

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Because the more that you know how to market your online business…the more massive moolah that you’ll make on the back-end!

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