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Happy New Year! Strategy or Tactic?

     Welcome to the eve of the New Year of 2019. We can either yell…”innncccooommiiinnnggg”…and go hide…or we can

When “Things” Really Help…

       Remember “Thing” from “The Adam’s Family”?  You know, the pet hand.  Well I was thinking about hands

Money Is Not Santa Claus…It Doesn’t Care If You’re Naughty Or Nice!

       One of the most confronting concepts I have ever read, came in reading a book that my

Holiday Traffic…

Welcome to the notorious holiday season.  A time to eat lots of good food, make good memories…and get stuck in holiday

Laying 5 Basic Online Business Foundations For A Successful Online Business

So…you have an online business…what do you do next? So many online business guru’s will tell you to immediately start