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The Art of Not Giving a F%ck

After writing a 2 pound…over 700 page autobiography...I can honestly say that I am mastering the art of not giving

121212…What Is This?

Today I saw a very pronounced number sequence of 121212, and it left me asking the question…”what does this mean?”

That Would Be Great…Thanks!

Yes…you have to admit that in your perfect world…the above meme would be applicable.  This is especially what we desire

Throwing It Across The Room!

Sometimes having an online business is not all shits-n-giggles. In fact…when you’re having tech difficulties…there are many times when you

When The Boogey Man Knocks On Your Door

Aahhh yes…what does one do as an online business owner when the boogey man of “No More Green Stuff” knocks